January 27, 2011

My New Quintet

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I am very excited to announce that I have a new Quintet.  It features fellow California State Northridge alums Michael Mull on bass clarinet, Mike Deutsch on marimba, Emilio Terranova on bass, and Adam Alesi on drums.   Our premier is Tuesday February 1st, from 7:30-11:00 at Cafe’ Roma in Beverly Hills.

This unique instrumentation allows for some interesting tonal possibilities.  I have always been moved by the “Earthy” qualities of the marimba. Maybe this stems from listening to marimba music from Africa.  Its wood keys create the sounds that inspire the music for this quintet.  Mike is a phenominal marimba player with a classical backround.  I am amazed at his musicality and his ability to instantaneously contribute to the music in an organic matter that jazz musicians base their music on.

The other unique sound of this group is the bass clarinet played by Michael Mull.  This is another instrument made of wood that has a lower register that is simply touching.  Mike has always been one of my favorite musicians to listen to, and his compositions are inspirational.  When I heard that Michael was working on his bass clarinet chops, I immediately knew he would be my voice for that instrument.  He is currently writing music for the group, and I can’t wait to play it!

Our acoustic bass chair is held by Emilio Terranova.  Emilio’s musicianship is a real treat.  His grooves propel this band.  I keep throwing him challenges and he humbly impresses me every time.  I can always count on him to assert his hip ideas into the music.

Last but not least, is our amazing drummer Adam Alesi.  Adam is one of those few drummers that are rock-solid.  I know that everything he plays is going to be groovin’ and tasty.  He is currently playing with some of the biggest names in Los Angeles, including Bob Sheppard.  I count on Adam to keep the band together as we are shifting meters and moods in unexpected places.

You might ask, what kind of music does this band play?  The vague answer I would give you would be contemporary jazzish music.  Think Dave Holland, meets Herbie Hancock, jammin’ with Dave Douglas, with hints of Strayhorn, Horace Silver, and Wayne with Worldly undertones.

So Far, we have six charts that are polished and ready to go.  Three are original compostions of mine, and three are arrangements that i have done of some of my favorite pieces.

For our Caffe’ Roma gig, we will be playing these pieces with some jazz standards mixed in.  There will be special guests to sit in and play with us as well.  We are playing three sets starting at 7:30 and ending at 11:00.

I hope you will come out to see our premier!  If you cannot make it, please stay tuned and join us at a future show.

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