January 29, 2012

Nice Words From My Student’s Mom

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A man would like me to teach his son.  He asked for a reference, and a mother of a student of mine was happy to talk about me.

Here is what she said.  The only thing i changed was the names.

Hello X,
I am happy to talk to you about Philip Fiorio.  My son X, age 11, has been taking lessons from Philip for almost 9 mos. now, and I couldn’t be more pleased.  I learned of Philip through another friend whose son is also a student of his, and I know this particular friend is always “right on” in her recommendations.  I’ve never had a second thought since then.
As Philip mentioned, my husband is a professional musician who has trained and performed his entire life.  He is able to hear the lesson while waiting outside the studio room, and has said more than once that he is very impressed with Philip and thinks he is a good teacher.  He is also impressed with the material Philip has given X as it ranges from classical to jazz.
I am not a musician, but as a mom, I like what I hear when they are together.  My son is more on the quiet/shy side and does not respond well to strong or curt personalities.  He responds very well to Philip.  Philip is always very positive in supporting X’s effort, and direct and thoughtful in his corrections.  He is patient, and able to get X to understand the music and technique while playing a passage that is more difficult.
Philip has always kept his appts., and has been quite flexible with me when I have needed to change something due to school, test scheduling, etc.  Regarding X’s progress, X is in beginning band (6th graders) at X Middle School, has been 1st chair the entire year so far, and was invited by his teacher to join “jazz lab”, which is a class reserved for 7th and 8th graders only after a year of beginning band.  Of course, every student will progress differently due to their own aptitude, willingness to practice, etc.  In X’s case, I know that his lessons with Philip have helped him tremendously.  Philip always challenges X, and gets a lot out of him during the lessons that he would not be able to get on his own or during band class.
This is probably more info than you asked for, but I hope it was helpful.  Feel free to contact me at any time.  I know two other parents who also know Philip through lessons, and I’m sure they would say the same things about him.  He is also listed on AC Stelle’s music teacher’s webpage as a recommended private instructor (I believe she is Julliard trained, plays both trumpet and french horn, and I know she is very precise!).  Good luck to you in your decision, and best of everything regarding your son!

Very nice words from a wonderful person.

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